When the Sun Sets (A Portuguese Decima)

When The Sun Sets
Omokehindegbegbon (mka T. Johnson)

They ask, do I miss the trees?
Mangoes too ripe, wine too sweet
Forests thick and lazy heat
Yawning plains like amber seas
Dry streams where no rivers run
Foolish schemes, now left undone
With no words I fold my hands
Dream of home, south of the sands
And I watch the setting sun

They ask, do I miss the stars
Are these those from my own sky?
Or have my lights passed us by?
Dimming lamps that lead too far
Burnt out in heaven black as jet
Lost where two horizons met
Sighing, I incline my head
Thinking on that life, now dead
Then I look; the sun has set

They ask, do I miss the breeze
Does this wind smell like my own?
Is it sweeter, now I’ve grown?
Does it put my heart at ease?
I dwell on past life’s refrain
Fingers roam through lover’s mane
As he reclines at my feet
I think this life just as sweet
I draw the curtains again