All About Rem

Good evening.

I am substantially less lazy now.

Hi! I’m Rem. You probably knew that, being as this page is titled “All About Rem”. Rem is a sort of catch-all nickname for me online. It’s short for Remzi, which is short for Remzical, which, in turn, is short for Nightmare Marzipan. None of these are my real name. That doesn’t really matter, since the magic of Facebook and a fifteen second Internet search could instantly tell you who I am and just what I think about the Doctor and Rose’s relationship (full of crap).

This blog isn’t about how simple it is to stalk strangers, though. It’s not even really about my SCA persona, the ever-controversial 1520s Yoruba citizen, Kehinde. No, this blog really exists to give me an outlet for my historical rants and be a place where I can coerce people I’ve never met to watch me stumble on a journey to explore my roots.

Those of you (all one…two?) who actually have known me for any period of time in Meatspace know that I am a Yoruba animist. This generally means that I do revere orisha, but I don’t consider them to be gods and I do not choose to worship them. Like many animists, I engage in ancestor worship and that’s what the orisha are to me. They are spirits and ancestors that gained power through reverence and sheer determination. Many disagree, but that’s what makes it interesting. I also engage in a little bit of herbal hoodoo. While I want to get further into charm work, I don’t really do any casting or ritual work.

Because of my…uncommon belief system…for my area (I live in Western Kentucky), I will go ahead and answer a few questions some of you may already have.

I do not: steal children, sacrifice chickens, engage in animal cruelty, bathe in the blood of anything, make poppets or voodoo dolls for the express purpose of “punishing” either friends or enemies, practice voodoo (informally or otherwise), worship the devil, have sex with animals, steal husbands for ritual lovemaking, sacrifice husbands, sacrifice children, steal goats, steal organs, eat organs, drink blood, force victims to swim in vats of animal fat, keep snakes (though I would for non-religious reasons if I were able), cast love spells, cast death spells, cast any spells (to be perfectly honest), cast curses, play tricks on helpless people, make mojo bags for strangers, make mojo bags for you, use graveyard dirt for anything but my own personal rituals, use dirt from footprints for anything but my own personal rituals, believe in/abide by the Rule of Three/Wiccan Rede, think there is any one religion/faith that gets everything right all of the time, think there is any one religion/faith that gets everything wrong all of the time, raise the dead, pretend I can raise the dead, brag about raising the dead, lead covens, claim to be descended from a long line of voodoo priestesses, claim to be a reincarnation of any Yoruba orisha, OR…ride a silver broomstick.

Hopefully that answers the majority of the questions and prepares you all for the enormous run-on sentence that is this blog.

Happy adventuring.



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